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Judy, why should I take this with you?

After all, there are hundreds of EMDR trainers out there.  I get it.  How do you make sense of all the offers?  There are a number of reasons why I think my training is a good choice.  


  1. I have trained all over the country and internationally

  2. The manual and training materials I use for my training were all written and developed by Francine Shapiro 

  3. Prior to becoming a therapist I was a teacher.  Not only do I understand the material, I know how to teach it

  4. I was a theater person so I strive to engage my audience. Not putting people to sleep over Zoom or an in person event is important!

  5. If we can’t have a little fun and a few laughs why bother?  This is a training about how to help people who have suffered.  It is heavy enough.

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