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EMDR Basic Training  

Registration will be open soon!

EMDR Consultation*


EMDR therapy can have a steep learning curve and getting ongoing, or even occasional consultation can make a big difference in a clinician's confidence.  I conduct ongoing group consultations.  Listed are group consultation sessions.  To join a group session, please book your slot below. I offer consultation by Zoom video conference.  If you are interested in individual consultation please call for an appointment.  If you would like individual consultation please do not use the "book now" button.  Individual consultation is $200 an hour.

The consultations are scheduled by me and I am on the east coast.  The zoom link will automatically reflect the correct time for your individual time zone

Another word regarding consultation:

Consultation is NOT supervision.  Consultation focuses on mastery of standard EMDR Therapy and integrating EMDR Therapy into your practice.  You are responsible for the therapeutic relationship with your clients and competency in the modalities that you offer.  As a consultant, I do not hold liability for how you practice. Consultation does not substitute for instruction in foundational psychotherapy skills.  

* Please note,  For EMDR HAP trainees ONLY:  I will not longer be able to provide consultation for Trauma Recovery/EMDR HAP Basic Training (the initial 10 hours) without expressed permission from TR/HAP.  


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