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The registration fee covers the complete cost of the following program elements:


20 hours of lecture

20 hours of supervised practice

CONSULTATION may or may not be included depending on the agreement IN THE PRICE OF THE TRAINING BUT IS REQUIRED. 

Participant's manual

Two required text books must be purchased separately (see below).


Required consultation hours may or may not be included in Weekends 1 & 2 

When included there is no need for any additional scheduling, travel or expense.

If the agreement does not include consultation, the hours can be easily scheduled at your convenience without a great deal of expense to lay out.  


Participants must pay separately for the two required texts books. 

For a general idea, text book prices are quoted from Amazon as of December 27, 2021:

Shapiro (2018) hardcover $48.50 

Shapiro (2012) Getting Past Your Past $14.49

Other text book prices are available from other vendors and for used copies of the required texts. 


How much will you pay?

You will only pay the price listed, there are no hidden fees or costs.


That is a frequent question and it can be a little confusing.  This is an EMDRIA approved basic training.  EMDRIA is the professional organization for EMDR therapists.  It is also the organization that approves training materials.  In addition to that EMDRIA grants certification status to EMDR therapists.  Before you can become an EMDRIA certified therapist you have to complete basic training.  EMDRIA certification is an advanced practitioner designation. This is a basic training course.  Many people complete the course and do not pursue certification.  That is an individual decision.  Getting EMDRIA certification is nothing you are compelled to do.  When you finish this course you can, with confidence, say you are an EMDR trained clinician.  You can list it on your marketing materials and you will also be registered with EMDRIA as an EMDR therapist.

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