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EMDR Therapy Case Consultation Group Participant’s Agreement

The purpose of this consultation group is to deepen your skills and further your education in EMDR therapy.  You are expected to prepare your cases for discussion that you are considering for EMDR therapy or are already using EMDR therapy with.  Cases that are not related to the clinical application of EMDR therapy will not be discussed in this format.  It is understood that whatever information is presented in these seminars is to be kept confidential among the participants both during and after your participation in this group.  


It is also understood that neither Judy Cabeceiras as group facilitator, nor any other therapists/participants shall be construed as providing supervision to a participant on any particular case.  While clinical possibilities will be discussed, and ideas shared in relation to the clinical situations presented, the clinician is solely responsible for the client’s treatment and is expected to exercise his/her best judgment in all relevant clinical matters.

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