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All participants must be licensed to independently practice psychotherapy in a discipline recognized by EMDRIA. Or, if not licensed, participants must have completed masters level coursework in a mental health or a related discipline recognized by EMDRIA

All participants who want to complete all requirement of basic training (including consultation) must have a current psychotherapy caseload with clients suitable for EMDR therapy procedures. Those without suitable clients must make alternate arrangements such as offering pro bono services. 

Participants affirm that they have developed appropriate self-soothing and affect/arousal management skills to cope with exposure to this type of material and will be able to employ these skills during and following the EMDR training, practice and consultation sessions.

You agree that Judy Cabeceiras has the right to dismiss anyone who is disruptive at the training at any time without refund.

All participants must participate in the practicum in all roles without exception. This is a professional environment and must be treated as such.  During a virtual training no driving, baking, working out, vaping, etc while training is going on.  Participants must secure a private space as they will be sharing personal information.  Under no circumstances can more than 15 minutes be missed.  Please make whatever arrangements needed before signing up for this event. 

Intern/Graduate Student Requirements

Completion of graduate level coursework at an accredited school and be on a licensing track under state sanctioned supervision by a licensed clinician. Please submit a current supervisor’s letter with his/her degree and license number.

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