EMDR Refresh:
Approaches for Complex Clients

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December 3, 2021

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6 CEs and 6 EMDRIA Credtis

Live online workshop

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11AM - 6PM (Eastern Time)


Help....!  Now what!?!?!?

In the past, you may have worried that you needed the skills of a Jedi master in order to be effective and successful as an EMDR therapist.  This course will help you figure out how to get on track with the most challenging and befuddling clients. With this course, you will be able to own EMDR in a way that feels right for you.  

This is designed for clinicians who completed the EMDR basic training but thus far lacks confidence fully integrating EMDR into their practice.  We will use many case presentations and client videos for "real life" demonstration.

The course will provide you with a review of EMDR Therapy, the 3-pronged approach, and the 8-phase protocol. Clarifying and strengthening the use of the standard protocol through lecture and videos will be utilized. You will learn best practices for comprehensive client history taking and treatment planning for these complex cases.

We will expand how to use EMDR and focus on working with clients who have a complicated history and present with multiple symptoms. Emphasis will be on how to develop a treatment focus and map out appropriate targets. 

Participants will go from “Yikes” to “I got this!” 



Workshop Goals and Objectives

1 – Identify at least one clinical situation where you would modify the EMDR standard protocol in order to meet the needs of your clients

2 – Define "window of tolerance" and explain its importance in the reprocessing phases of EMDR therapy

3 – List two strategies for aiding dissociative clients in reprocessing memories

4 – Describe common barriers clients encounter in identifying relevant memories for reprocessing and list two strategies for overcoming those in treatment planning and preparation phases.




6 CEU’s and EMDRIA Credits

Presenter:  Judy Cabeceiras, LMFT is a clinician in private practice in Connecticut. She is a member of the EMDR Institute faculty, an EMDR Europe trainer and an EMDRIA and EMDR Europe Approved Consultant.  She sees clients with a wide range of issues. She also specializes in nurturing and developing new EMDR therapists. She served as the Director of the Faculty Academy at TR/EMDR HAP where she developed and implemented a facilitator training program. She has trained extensively across the United States and has also trained in Ukraine. She currently serves as a board member of the Ukraine Association of Psychological Counseling and Traumatherapy.